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additive property, Theorem
affine cipher, Definition
brute force attack, Paragraph
combination, Definition
combination theorem, Theorem
contrapositive, Definition
converse, Definition
cryptanalysis, Quotation
cryptogram, Paragraph
cryptography, Quotation
cryptology, Paragraph
definition of divide, Definition
Diffie-Hellman key exchange, Definition
discrete log problem, Question
division algorithm, Theorem
Euler phi function, Definition
Fermat's litle theorem, Theorem
frequency analysis, Paragraph
frequency distribution of digraphs and trigraphs, Figure
frequency distribution of standard English language, Table
greatest common divisor, Definition
Hill cipher, Definition
index of coincidence, Definition
index of coincidence theorem, Theorem
modular arithmetic, defn 2, Definition
modular arithmetic, defn 3, Definition
modular arithmetic, defn 4, Definition
multiplicative cipher, Definition
multiplicative inverse, Definition
multiplicative property, Theorem
number trick, Definition
permutation, Definition
permutation theorem, Theorem
Playfair cipher, Algorithm
polyalphabetic cipher, Paragraph
private key cryptography, Item
probability, Definition
proof by induction, Principle
public key crytography, Item
relatively prime, Definition
RSA cryptosystem, Algorithm
shift cipher, Paragraph
top ten most frequently occurring letters in English, Table
Vigenère cipher, Paragraph
Vigenère square, Figure